Knife Sharpening

Boxcar's knife sharpening service helps keep your tools in "chef shape”

The Details

Cooking's more fun when your tools are at their best. Sharp knives provide safer, more efficient cutting and chopping, making prep work a breeze. We can sharpen the following:

  • All flat edged kitchen knives
  • Serrated knives with wide grooves
  • Most kitchen cutlery including folding knives
  • Pizza wheels
  • Scissors
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What Our Customers Say

"I didn’t realize how dull my knives had gotten over time. After Jerry sharpened them they’re like new, for a fraction of the cost."
Chris H.
"Our knives came back quickly and are now razor sharp. This is an incredible value and an easy way to level up our day-to-day meal prep. As with everything Boxcar, it was simple and high quality!"
Kimberly K.

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