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Bus Service Questions

What is Boxcar’s cancellation policy?
How do I cancel an existing reservation?
Where are your pickup/dropoff locations?
How do I purchase my ticket?
If I have a ticket, will I have a seat?
Are these buses able to use the commuter bus lanes heading into the Lincoln Tunnel?
Is my ticket good at any stop?
How to do I access the free WiFi on the bus?
What type of buses does Boxcar use?
Who do I contact if I need support?
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What is Boxcar Parking?
What is the cost?
How do I reserve a space?
How do I know I have a space reserved?
How will I know where to park?
How far in advance can I reserve?
What is the Cancellation Policy?
What do I do if someone else is parked in my parking spot?
What happens if I can’t access my space?
Can I park overnight?
I have more than one car. How do I let you know which car I am parking?
Each of my reservations is only a few dollars. Why do large charges show up on my credit card bill?
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Local Services

What is Boxcar Detailing?
How long will the service take?
What if I have an SUV/minivan?
What do I need to supply?
What if it rains?
Do I need to print a receipt?
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Office Rental

What's included in the office rental?
What's the WiFi password?
What are the hours?
How many offices are available?
Do members get a discount?
How do I reserve?
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Why do large charges sometimes show up on my credit card bill?
What is included with a Boxcar Membership?
How do I purchase a membership?
Does a Boxcar membership renew automatically?
Is the cost pro-rated if I purchase mid-month?
Can I pay for a membership with my transit card?
Can I have more than 1 membership?
Does the discount apply automatically?
What about reservations I’ve already booked?
How do I cancel a membership?
Do memberships run for 30 days, or a calendar month?
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