Business Class Commuter Buses from the Suburbs to the City

Guaranteed Reserved Seats
High-Speed WiFi & Power Outlets
Dedicated Driver Who Knows You

Stress is For The Office, Not Your Commute.

Don't let your commute stress you - let Boxcar deliver you to work and home in business class comfort. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy a little downtime on your way to and from the office.
Go ahead. Reserve your seat today. You’ve earned it.

What’s There to Love About Boxcar?

Reliable + On Time

You never have to worry if your bus is running, or running late. We’ll be there. Guaranteed.

No Transfers

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your downtime. You won’t leave the comfort of your bus until your stop.

2-Block Radius

We engineer our routes to drop you off and pick you up within 2-blocks of your office.

How do I Commute With Boxcar?

Business class commuting with Boxcar is easy. Just follow these 3 simple steps.
1. Download

Click below to download the Boxcar app to your phone.

2. Search

Search for a route that fits your commute.

3. Reserve

Reserve your commute for a single day or an entire month.

City Traffic

“I have enough hard things to manage in my life, and Boxcar took my commute off of that list. They really saved me.”

— Jen R., Chatham, NJ

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Stop Stressing About Your Commute.

At Boxcar we know you want to arrive at the office ready for the day and return home relaxed for the evening. In order to do that, you need a stress-free commute. But public transit is crowded and unreliable, while driving is frustrating.
Boxcar is the answer. Our stress-free commute will help you start and end your day happy, comfortable, and stress free.

We believe you deserve a little pampering. Which is why we created business class commuting services connecting the suburbs and the city.
What are you waiting for? Reserve your seat today so you can stop stressing and start relaxing during your commute.

What Our Satisfied Customers Say

"Boxcar provides a more comfortable and consistent commuting experience. They have fundamentally changed my life by improving my mood and energy walking into work. I am forever grateful."

— Anne D, Chatham, NJ

"Boxcar has single-handedly changed my morning! Knowing that I have a guaranteed spot through Boxcar has made my mornings much less stressful."

— Sascha B, Westfield, NJ

"Boxcar's bus service has been life changing for me. Comfort and reliability is huge, but customer service is what separates Boxcar from everyone else. Mornings went from delayed, overcrowded, and miserable on NJ Transit to quiet, comfortable, reliable, and stress free with Boxcar."

— Jill W, Chatham, NJ