Canine Adventures with Boxcar

& Lucky Dog

Boxcar is excited to announce that we've partnered with Lucky Dog Pet Services to help bring their amazing dog hiking program to Boxcar towns!

Each outing includes:

- a three-hour hike at a rotating variety of parks and trails

- at-home pickup and drop off

Let Boxcar and Lucky Dog help you give your best friend their best life! A stimulated and tired dog is a HAPPY DOG!

Reach out to to schedule an initial meet and greet for your dog. After that, you can book your dog's hikes directly through the links below!

Jon and Lucky Dog provide an amazing service. We've used them for over 5 years, and our Maggie absolutely loves her hikes!
- Owen, Chatham
I feel better knowing that our dog is getting the exercise and stimulation that we just don't have enough time to regularly give her. Jon & Lucky Dog are the absolute best!
- Maria, Jersey City